Based out of Columbus Ohio, BlitzMode Sports is a company by 3 avid cricket players for cricket players. We started the business in January 2017 because we have a passion for cricket and want to help promote cricket in North America. With the great response we continue to receive from our customers we have grown exponentially from our first shipment of 10 cricket bats. As our customers come to us with their cricket needs our product portfolio keeps expanding.

We are an end to end cricket supplier that can set up adult & youth leagues from the pitch, to uniforms, to cricket equipment, & training equipment. In order to provide our customers with a wide range of options, we work with most of the major cricket brands and are the official cricket ball supplier for Newbery in the United States.

Customer focus and customer service have always been our primary objective and we are always looking to provide unique products for our customers. We have close relationships with our suppliers and constantly provide them feedback on the US market and playing conditions.

Our recent collaboration with Salix to create bespoke cricket bats better suited for cricket conditions in the US is just one example of bringing a unique product to the North American market.

As we started dealing in cricket equipment we took notice of the quality of cricket equipment available at various price ranges. Our customers deserved more for their money. We compiled feedback from various customers and made a list of all the features that customers wanted in their cricket equipment and the ideal price range for such equipment. There was a big disparity between the quality of cricket goods available in the market and the market price for those goods. With the goal of giving our customers the best quality at an affordable price we decided to launch our own brand in September 2017. After many trials, re-designs, and vetting various suppliers we officially launched our own product line in March 2018. It has been an amazing journey of learning and growth for us as a business.

The pride we feel when we see players wearing BlitzMode gear and using BlitzMode bats is surreal. It shows us that all our hard work is paying off and our products have been accepted and embraced by the market.

Our products are constantly evolving as we actively seek feedback from our customers. The main component of our success as a business are the various cricket players and communities that have supported us since we started. We give back by staying involved with local teams, making charitable contributions, and sponsoring cricket events. We have brand ambassadors located in various states. Please contact them for any information about our products/services or contact us directly through our Facebook page at BlitzMode Sports.

OUR TEAM (Founders)

The people that made us possible

Saad Haider
Farhan Wahab
Anwer Shaikh

Sponsored Players

Babar Arshad
Nadeera Dilshan Waduwara Kankanamalage
Dunae Nathaniel
Furqan Salim
Iqra Farooqui
Naseer Khan
Jay Pathak
Sachinda Liyanaarachchi